Manifesto 2019

As a group, the Conservatives are very proud of what has been achieved over the last four years of the Conservative-led council administration. By working with residents, rather than against them. By listening to residents, rather than lecturing them. By supporting residents rather than hindering them, the city has achieved a lot together.

The economy is thriving with more jobs and businesses in the city than in 2015. A Local Plan that delivers the houses York will need in the future, without sacrificing our precious Greenbelt, has been submitted. More money is being invested into frontline services and adult social care, rather than being squandered on vanity projects.

More still has to be done though and that is why we have put forward our positive vision for the next four years. In these ’10 Good Reasons to Vote Conservative’ are policies that we will deliver on behalf of all the residents of York.

We have spent the last four years talking with residents and listening to what is important to them. You care about frontline services, ensuring our most vulnerable residents are protected and giving our children the best start in life. We care about these things too. A Conservative majority City of York Council will champion these issues and build on our city’s successes. We will bring decision making closer to residents and work with them on the issues that matter.

Conservatives believe that by working together, we can succeed together and that is why we hope you can support us on May 2nd to help us deliver our positive vision for York.

Cllr Stuart Rawlings
Deputy Leader

1. Council Tax Freeze

Hard working families know how to spend their money that's why a Conservative council will freeze Council Tax during its term in office.

A Conservative council will:

- Freeze Council Tax.

- Maintain investment in front line services and continue to protect our most vulnerable residents.

- Cut down on waste and bureaucracy and review media spending so we spend your money efficiently.

- Involve the public in a full review of the council's constitution.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

 - lowered the increase to Council Tax in the last three budgets, setting the trend for the future.

- identified substantial financial savings.

- cut outsourcing and consultancy fees by using in-house expertise.

2. Housing That Works For York

Everyone deserves the chance to own their own home. But we must make sure new housing doesn’t reduce the quality of life for existing residents.

A Conservative council will:

- Make sure housing developments come with the services to match like school places, access to GPs and road upgrades to ease traffic.

- Protect our precious Green Belt whilst delivering the homes that York needs – building on derelict or unused land first.

- We will build more council-owned properties through our in-house building programme.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- been listening to residents on the Local Plan for four years and addressing their concerns.

- has launched the largest house building programme since the 1970's.

3. Better Roads and Transport

Like you, we believe in having a diverse transport system allowing people to travel freely around York.

A Conservative council will:

- Increase investment in road maintenance even further.

- Establish ward level pothole funds for every councillor to spend on repairing potholes within their ward. 

- Support sustainable transport with new cycling lanes, increase city centre bike storage and car charging hubs.

- Freeze residents parking charges and extend pay on exit parking.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- committed £35 million to projects to ease ring road congestion.

- extended park & ride services and increased operating hours.

- improved station access with £4.5million investment to Scarborough Bridge.

4. Preserving York’s Heritage and Tourism

Our City's best asset is its history. It is important to our thriving economy that we preserve our heritage for the future.

A Conservative council will: 

- Oppose any tax that risks the thousands of jobs in York's critical tourism industry.

- Commit to a riverside walkway and improve existing parks.

- Commit to the proposed Castle Museum development.

- Support police in tackling city centre anti-social behaviour so that York can remain an attractive destination for families.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- committed to spend £1.6 million over the next 5-years to enable repairs to the city walls.

- supported the modernisation of the City Art Gallery and Theatre Royal.

- brought the Rose Theatre to York.

5. Investing in York

York is a hugely successful city with a thriving economy. We want everyone to benefit from its success.

A Conservative council will:

- Continue York Central, ensuring we bring high quality jobs to York .

- Invest £100,000 in secondary shopping areas across our city.

- Encourage small businesses by launching a 'Help to Grow' shop scheme and engaging with local business owners.

- Ensure greater investment in flood defences, including upstream.

- Look to increase pedestrianization hours and enforcement of breaches.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- begun the transformation of the York Central site with an ambitious project that will add £1.6 billion to the local economy and create over 6500 high value jobs.

- Invested £100,000 into Haxby and Acomb shopping centres.

6. Protecting Frontline Services

You deserve the best possible return for your council tax and that's why we're committed to strengthening frontline services.

A Conservative council will:

- Simplify recycling and maintain free fortnightly bin collections.

- Maintain free collection of your first green bin.

- Ensure that more footpaths are gritted by increasing the number of snow wardens.

- Install 150 new bins, with locations decided with Parish Councils.

- Provide free replacement recycling bins.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- increased the amount of waste that is recycled.

- replaced all litter bins and added 100 more.

- invested £1million per year in community ward funding.

- spent over £1.5million in 2018 filling 3670 potholes reported by residents.

7. Preserving Our Environment

Creating a sustainable environment for York is important.  We will enhance the beauty of our surroundings and protect our great city.

A Conservative council will:

- Introduce an annual inspection of drain grates and gullies to ensure they're maintained and cleaned to reduce flooding.

- Commit to being carbon neutral by 2030.

- Plant 2500 trees across our city. 

- Create pocket parks throughout the city.

- Install solar panels on more council properties.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- committed £1.6million to creating a new Clean Air Zone to help tackle pollution from buses.

- liaised with North Yorkshire Police to tackle flytipping.

- supported the Environmental Agency's work on flood defences.

8. Supporting Residents Who Need Help

We all want to protect and look after the most vulnerable in our city. We believe that services should be available to help those most in need.

A conservative council will:

- Invest in services that tackle social isolation.

- Ensure all care home accommodation has ensuite bathrooms.

- Encourage personal budgets giving you control over your care.

- Ensure that there are enough shelter places to meet demand.

- Coordinate with charities to ensure efforts are targetted effectively.

- Tackle the causes of homelessness.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- increased investment in adult social care to £3.9 million for 2019/20.

- invested in older people's accommodation so it meets modern standards.

- introduced local area teams to better understand families' needs.

9. The Best Start In Life For Our Young People

Everyone deserves the best start in life. By supporting our young people we are investing in the future of York.

A Conservative council will:

- Set up a working group to identify issues relating to the rise in mental health problems in young people.

- Increase the investment in the Healthy Child Service.

- Ensure a smooth transition between children's and adult services.

- Stop vulnerable children being passed between services.

- Introduce a £1000 'golden hello' to new foster parents.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- committed an extra £940,000 to protect children's services.

- supported the Institute of Technology iniative, which includes York College.

- signed off a centre of excellence for disabled young people with the Make York Home programme.

10. Sport and Leisure

Your quality of life is important to us so we will invest in leisure facilities and programmes throughout the city.

A Conservative council will:

- Protect York's library services.

- Invest in disabled sport to make sport more accessible.

- Increase our investment in parks and open spaces.

- Ensure the Community Stadium is accessible to everybody.

- Work with partners to make our city centre more family friendly.

- Review the Public Rights of Way to make them more accessible.

Since 2015, your Conservative-led council has:

- secured the future of York's libraries for 15 years with a long term investment of £32million.

- built a Community Stadium for the benefit of all residents