Celebrating York as future digital hub

York is the only city in northern England on a top-ten-list of towns and cities expected to dominate the UK’s tech scene.

Compiled by job search engine “Joblift”, the list recognises cities with both high numbers of tech jobs and those with a high percentage of tech jobs compared to the wider market.  Cities scored extra points for having a university listed as one of top 500 universities worldwide for engineering and technology degrees

Conservative Group Leader Ian Gillies said: “It’s great that the strength of the city’s tech sector has been acknowledged. Thanks to millions of pounds of investment from both the public and private sectors, our world class connectivity is already providing significant new opportunities for thousands of businesses based in the city and a better quality of life for our residents.

“The city has been a meeting point for the ideas and creativity of the world for two millennia and strength in the media and tech sectors is just one of the elements that are continuing to make York a great city for the future.”

This is one of several times recently when York’s tech progress has been noted: York was one of five cities cited as having the potential to be a Digital Super Town in a report by Vodafone in September 2017, as well as being named last month as the city with the fastest broadband connections in the UK.