Conservatives select York Central parliamentary candidate

Ed Young has been selected as the Conservative candidate for York Central for the General Election on Thursday, June 8.

Ed, who grew up in York and was a Chorister in York Minster for many years, is a bestselling historian and has been a speechwriter for David Cameron.

“I’m incredibly proud to have grown up in this great city, and I’m thrilled to have been selected as the Conservative candidate for the General Election.

“It is time ordinary, working people in York Central have a strong Conservative voice to represent them. As Theresa May's candidate, I will help to make York a city that works for everyone,” he said.

If elected, he is pledging to ensure the Government's new Industrial Strategy and Northern Powerhouse benefit York and its economy, secure more affordable housing for the city and work with Theresa May to secure a good Brexit deal for Britain.

He also believes only Theresa May can provide strong and stable leadership in the national interest.

“It’s a huge honour to be the Conservative candidate for York Central and I’m really looking forward to the campaign ahead,” he said.

"Our city needs a passionate local MP to bang the drum for York and this election can help us get the strong and stable leadership we need to see us through Brexit and beyond.

“I will be working with our business community to help bring more investment and wealth into the city, relentlessly promoting our area, doing everything I can to strengthen and support our schools and universities, and ensuring we make a success of Brexit.

"And as we negotiate Brexit, every vote for the Conservatives in this election will count to strengthen the UK's position to help Theresa May secure the best deal to strengthen our economy, and help us get on with the job of making life in our area even better.

"The choice for people on June 8 is between Theresa May's Conservative team providing strong and stable leadership for us all, or a coalition of chaos and instability led by Jeremy Corbyn that will put our futures at risk."