Down comes the fountain

After years of indecision, demolition of the non-functioning Parliament Street fountain finally began Monday (14 May 2018).

The decision to remove the fountain, which is beyond repair and hasn’t worked for many years, was initiated by Council Leader Ian Gillies when he held the Transport portfolio and was confirmed at a public decision session by Cllr Peter Dew, the current executive member for Transport and Planning, on the 12 April.

 The work, which will take up to two weeks, will remove the fountain, relay the stone and block surrounding the fountain and replace any broken stone. :

  A temporary floral display will be put in its place while a group including York BID and the council brings forward proposals for the future use of the well-known city centre space. :

Councillor Peter Dew, executive member for transport and planning, said:

“We understand objections to removing the fountain, but it was in a bad state, had been so for years and quite frankly not worth repairing. Previous administrations had dithered for years over what to do with it and meanwhile it deteriorated and became a magnet for refuse.

“We are committed to making sure the area continues to serve as a focal point in our city centre, and I look forward to receiving proposals for what can replace it in the intermediate term.”