Julian Sturdy backs Stephen Crabb for Conservative Party Leadership

Today, Julian Sturdy, the MP for York Outer, has officially endorsed Stephen Crabb for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

This comes following the David Cameron’s resignation after the EU referendum result was announced, and the news that a new Prime Minister will be in place by early September.

At the launch of Mr Crabb’s leadership campaign Mr Sturdy said, “Backing Stephen Crabb was not a difficult decision for me. Stephen has the ability to be a fantastic Prime Minister, and a real unifying voice in the Party and across the country.

“There needs to be a period of healing following the divisions created by the referendum campaign as well as a long-term vision that speaks to the whole country, whilst delivering on the expectations of the 17 million people who voted to Leave. We must reconnect with the people and communities who have lost faith in politics and often feel left behind, and we must build on the great accomplishments made under David Cameron’s leadership. I am under no illusion that this is a tough challenge, but I believe that Stephen Crabb is the right person to lead us through this difficult period and in the years to come.

“By his side will be the Business Secretary Sajid Javid who I have great respect for and I think has the skills, knowledge, and vision to take this country forward. Sajid has a very sharp mind and great experience in finance and business. His strength of character and expertise would be of real benefit to this country as Chancellor.

“Now that the referendum has concluded it is very important that we look to the future, away from arguments about Remainers versus Leavers, and choose the right people to lead the Party and this country in the critical years ahead.”