York Conservative-led Council to invest £2.35 million in repairs at 20 York Schools

Conservative Cllr Stuart Rawlings, the City of York Council’s  Executive Member for Education, Children & Young People, approved a plan at last Tuesday’s Executive Decision Session that will see 20 schools share in the £2.35 million budget to invest in infrastructure repairs and improvements such as roof repairs, kitchen ventilation, and better heating systems.

At the meeting officers noted they had made conservative estimates of the government grants which make up part of the funding , but said that if the money does fall short of what is expected one of the schemes at the bottom of the priority list would possibly not be able to go ahead.

Cllr Rawlings praised officers for their thorough project funding and prioritisation efforts, and gave officers authority to proceed with the next project on the list - rewiring at Huntington School - if other projects come in under budget and leave money to spare.

The full list and breakdown of costs are as follows:

Archbishop of York Junior Kitchen ventilation 42,000

Bishopthorpe Infants Kitchen ventilation - make permanent temporary fix 55,000

Carr Junior Roof works phase 2 of 2 and remedial works to staircases following roof works. 230,000

Carr Junior Replacement pipework under main corridor 60,000

Copmanthorpe Primary Water tank replacement. 20,000

Dringhouses Primary Kitchen refurbishment 250,000

Dringhouses Primary Fire alarm 21,000

Dringhouses Primary Rewire - phase 2 123,000

Dringhouses Primary Roof - phase 1 of 2 - excludes roof above kitchen. 185,000

Fishergate Primary Fire alarm panel 15,000

Headlands Primary Kitchen ventilation 30,000

Huntington Secondary Fire alarm Phase 2 30,000

Joseph Rowntree Land Drainage Replacement 87,000

Lakeside Primary Lightning protection / emergency lighting. 9,000

Lakeside Primary Kitchen ventilation 30,000

Naburn Primary Boiler replacement 98,000

Poppleton Road Primary Lightning protection / emergency lighting. 30,000

Ralph Butterfield Primary Boiler Replacement 64,000

Ralph Butterfield Primary Roof replacement (phase 3 of 6) 59,000

Rufforth Primary Emergency lighting / small power 96,000

St Mary's Primary Fire alarm replacement and electrical supply upgrade 81,000

Stockton on the Forest Roof and window replacement (Phase 3 of 3) 137,000

Westfield Primary DHW and heating mains - end of life. 115,000

Woodthorpe Primary M&E Work (Phase 3 of 5) 126,000

Yearsley Grove Primary Fire door automation 24,000

York High School Roof (Phase 3 of 3) 141,000

Contingency 182,000

Total 2,340,000


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