York Council receive £11.87m from Conservative Government to meet Covid-19 Costs

City of York Council is being allocated £1.39 million, as its share of new £500 million funding from government to help local authorities cope with the additional costs created by the coronavirus emergency.

This latest cash injection means City of York Council has now received over £11.9 million to help it meet costs incurred since the start of the pandemic, part of £4.3 billion in special funding channelled to local authorities across England by Ministers.

The funding boost is accompanied by a new co-payment mechanism to protect City of York Council from income loss from foregone fees, charges and sales during the outbreak, with central government covering 75 pence in the pound of irrecoverable losses after the first 5%.

Speaking after this announcement, Cllr Martin Rowley said:

“The additional Government assistance to fund lost income from fees/charges and help meet extra COVID-19 cost pressures is very welcome.

The Council must use this boost to help city businesses and residents by acting urgently in protecting jobs and our local economy.

The LibDem/Green anti car coalition at CYC needs to halt its obsession with restricting access for residents and visitors and put the money to real effect in protecting services. That does not mean ineffective gimmicks such as one hour parking in August only if a user registers with an App first - but real, tangible action!”