York Outer MP Reacts to Astonishing EU Referendum Result and the Prime Minister’s Shock Resignation

Julian Sturdy, the MP for York Outer, has given his thoughts on the result of yesterday’s referendum on our membership of the European Union following Britain’s vote to Leave.

Commenting he said, “The result this morning was absolutely amazing and represents a real shift in the political landscape. The British people have spoken and said that they see our future outside of the European Union.

“I am delighted that turnout was so high right across the country and that the British people have finally had their say on our relationship with the EU for the first time since 1975. I was elected to deliver this referendum as one of our manifesto pledges, and I am proud that the British people been given this opportunity. As politicians we must now respect the view of the people and work hard to deliver a brighter future for our country.”

“That being said this was far from a clean sweep for Leave, with York solidly voting Remain along with 48% of the country. The next few months will be about building bridges across the country, with our European neighbours, and within the Conservative Party. There should be no rush to invoke Article 50 – we must ensure that discussions with the EU have taken place and that the timing is right before formally starting this process.”

Following the Prime Minister’s resignation announcement Mr Sturdy added, “I am extremely disappointed that the Prime Minister will be stepping down, and I genuinely feel this was wholly unnecessary. Along with 83 other MPs I had urged the Prime Minister to continue to lead this country and the Conservative Party. We must work hard to regain stability and get the deal we want from Europe. Today has been a watershed moment in British history and we have so much to look forward to.”

“David Cameron has been an excellent Prime Minister and has led a great revival in Britain, and I believe that he had a great deal more to offer this country and as such I am extremely saddened by his decision to resign. He promised to deliver a referendum and the British people responded in a very closely run race. If he had chosen to he certainly had the support to stay.”