£781,000 given to York by government sees extra funding for frontline services

York’s Conservative led Executive has announced an amendment to its 2016/17 budget which increases investment in transport, bins and local ward committee projects. Extra money will also be set aside to help with the flood recovery and remodel early-intervention services for children and young people. 

Extra Funding to Benefit Conservation and Sustainable Development

The Conservative led administration has revealed that it will use £45k from the £781k that York will receive in additional transitional funding from the Government to protect the city’s Design, Conservation and Sustainable Development programme. 

York Budget to Protect Front-Line Street Services

York’s Conservative-led administration has released its budget for the 16/17 financial year and has made good on its pledge to protect front-line services in the face of extreme financial pressures on local authority budgets nationwide.

Culture, Leisure and Tourism on Steady Footing in New Budget

Acomb councillor Keith Myers, Conservative Group spokesperson for Culture, Leisure and Tourism, reports that his take-away message from the 2016/17 budget is that although finances are tight, the council is in a better place than in the past due to more productive ongoing conversations between the council and it’s partners.

Your chance to quiz councillors on Budget

Residents will have the chance to quiz members of York’s Conservative led Executive at a special budget ‘drop-in’ day next Tuesday (9th February). 

Budget to Provide £100,000 for Community Mental Health Services

Cllr. Paul Doughty, Conservative spokesperson for Health and Adult Social Care and chair of CYC’s Health Scrutiny Committee, has welcomed the 2016/17 budget commitment for a planned £100,000 annual investment in community based mental health services.

Community Safety Hub to see increased funding in new budget

As part of its 2016/17 budget settlement the City of York Council’s Conservative led Executive have announced plans to protect and increase funding for the multi-agency Community Safety Hub, following new powers being conferred on officers and with a successful track record under its belt.

Labour’s reckless waste and mismanagement

In response to the Conservative led budget Labour’s Finance spokesman Cllr Neil Barnes has said the new administration took over from Labour’s ‘Sensible management’.