Our Vision

About Us

The York Conservatives Association covers the two Parliamentary Constituencies of York Outer and York Central.

It also is responsible for the Conservative councillors on the City of York Council.

The Association is made up of many members, partners and supporters throughout York who help campaign, attend events and help with the running of the party in York. 

The Association is a great, exciting and dynamic organisation that all are welcome to continue bringing positive change to the City of York.  

Our Vision

The York Conservative manifesto is ambitious for York and offers a real vision for the future of our great city.

Protecting the Greenbelt

  • We will deliver the Local Plan that York needs. Providing homes, but protecting our Greenbelt
  • Reduce Labour’s inflated housing numbers and deliver a Local Plan that is right for York
  • We will engage with residents. Parish Councils and community groups to ensure that the local plan reflects York residents’ wishes
  • Focus much more on brownfield sites, included British Sugar, the York Central site and the regeneration of Piccadilly
  • Work with York’s universities to increase their dedicated onsite accommodation
  • Support local communities shaping their destiny with Neighbourhood Plans with increased officer time and funding
  • Heed government advice that traveller sites are inappropriate developments in the Greenbelt
  • Increase the building of council houses and, unlike Labour, we will not seek to stop people’s Right to Buy

An absolute focus on vital services for residents

  • We will protect fortnightly grey bin collections and oppose any further costs for waste collection
  • We will empty green bins earlier and carry on emptying them later in the year
  • We will put more rubbish bins and salt bins on the streets
  • We will clean the streets and gullies more frequently and also have a dedicated one off blitz on their poor state
  • We will focus on road repairs and fixing potholes throughout York
  • We will increase staffing in the council customer service to ensure residents are dealt with better
  • We will make recycling easier and increase access to waste and recycling sites

The best education – from school to apprenticeships

  • Continue progress, with the aim of making all schools good or outstanding
  • Support schools who wish to become Academies, if parents and the school wish to change.
  • Support Free Schools if their is support from within the community
  • Increase funding and focus on mental health in schools and protect provisions for young people like the service offered at Castlegate
  • Encourage businesses to take on apprenticeships and ensure the council increases the amount it employs
  • Work to get the service offered by children’s centres delivered to those who need it most
  • Ensure all children have the very best start and are well prepared for school
    put young people at the centre of policies concerning them and ensure that we listen to their views

Effective social care

  • Pledge not just to protect but to increase funding for adult social care
  • Bottom up review led by residents and interested parties into the working of social care service provision
  • Publish data for council funded projects to ensure money is spent effectively for users
  • Work more closely with hospitals and care groups
  • Give users greater choice over decisions affecting them and easier ability to control budgets

A financially sound and efficient council

  • Freeze council tax whenever possible, including a commitment to take all governments grants – unlike other parties
  • Support the new council owned body Make it York to bring further jobs to the city
  • Address the issue of falling median wages under Labour
  • Cut wasteful spending including subsidies to the Trade Unions and a vastly inflated council media department
  • Reduce use of consultants and interim positions

A greener Council and a better public environment

  • Promote the use of green energy, sustainability in the planning system and improve recycling rates
  • Improve public transport using a carrot rather than a stick to beat the motorist
  • Remove unnecessary obstacles and street furniture in the city and look at removal or occasional turning off of traffic lights
  • Support new infrastructure – including for a bus station in York and working with Network Rail for new stations
  • Continue our campaign to dual the Northern ring road
  • Reduce emissions in hotspots across the city and address air pollution
  • Better enforcement of foot streets