Chris Steward


Ward councillors challenge HS2 station plans

Rural West ward councillors Ian Gillies and Chris Steward are challenging railway bureaucracy to have removed from an options paper a proposal for a new railway stop outside of Rufforth, as part of an alternative HS2 Phase Two route to Scotland which could see the new line to run north through th

Julian Calls For Hessay Asphalt Plant to be Blocked

Julian has joined with local residents and ward councillors calling for a proposed asphalt plant in Hessay to be refused planning permission.

He has been working alongside ward councillor Chris Steward for many weeks on exploring the concerns raised by application.

£781,000 given to York by government sees extra funding for frontline services

York’s Conservative led Executive has announced an amendment to its 2016/17 budget which increases investment in transport, bins and local ward committee projects. Extra money will also be set aside to help with the flood recovery and remodel early-intervention services for children and young people. 

Your chance to quiz councillors on Budget

Residents will have the chance to quiz members of York’s Conservative led Executive at a special budget ‘drop-in’ day next Tuesday (9th February).