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Aside from efficiency savings where would you like to see the council's focus be:
How do you feel about anti social behaviour compared to five years ago?
More pedestrianisation has happened in the city centre, what do you think about this?
Do you perceive the city centre to be too focused on visitors rather than residents?
Which best matches your view on potentially volunteering? (for example as snow warden or school governor)
There has been recent speculation of a 'tourist tax', for example £1 per room per night. Which best fits your view?
If bringing in food waste collection meant grey bins being emptied every three weeks rather than every fortnight what would you think?
Do you support the council building council houses?
Do you agree that the council should open up and maintain more green spaces for the public?
There are significant national rules on fracking but which best represents your view in York:
Since April 2016, York BID has been investing in improvements and enhancements to the centre of York. Do you think the city centre has improved since then?
When the Council gives planning permission to a housing development, what proportion should be 'affordable' homes?