New and improved safety plan prioritises the protection of York’s most vulnerable

At Thursday’s Executive Meeting the Conservative-led administration renewed York’s community safety plan, which places increased emphasis on early intervention and protection, particularly for those who are most at risk.  

Key  themes of the refreshed plan are:

  • Tackling serious organised crime

County and city-wide partners will step up intelligence gathering on organised crime groups whilst an awareness of human trafficking and modern slavery will be highlighted.

  • Increasing awareness of river and road safety

A  Water Safety Forum to raise awareness of water safety will be created, in addition to continuing to work with partners to highlight issues of road safety for motorists, cyclists and pedestrians  alike .

  • Keeping the city centre safe

Partners- including businesses and the police- will share intelligence to tackle anti-social behaviour, while counter-terrorism measures will be updated to ensure proportionate responses.

  • Protecting our people

The Executive intends to focus on reducing the impact of domestic abuse on victims and will continue preventative and enforcement action to protect children from sexual exploitation and to reduce the risk of York’s most vulnerable from becoming victims or perpetrators of crime or from being drawn into terrorism.

  • Challenging anti-social behaviour

Increased efforts are planned to prevent anti-social behaviour- including environmental crime such as fly-tipping- by targeting offenders and working with communities to combat pre-conceived attitudes about ASB and its prevention. 

  • Addressing substance misuse

Holistic drug and alcohol services will be commissioned to support those affected and tie in will tie in with work to deliver the Alcohol Strategy for York.

Conservative Cllr Sam Lisle, executive member for housing and safer neighbourhoods, said: “This new plan and its refreshed focus are very welcome. Early help and prevention is the key to protecting our most vulnerable citizens from being affected by crime. Being clear that domestic abuse and the harm it does are unacceptable is timely, as is raising awareness of modern slavery and human trafficking and supporting its victims.

“I’m also pleased to see plans to tackle alcohol misuse and address the damage it can cause. Our partnerships with the many agencies involved in delivering this new plan are crucial to its success and I look forward to working with them to achieve our shared goal.”